WordPress Implementation

This plugin provides management over interactions essential to websites and web apps.

Essential Interactions

  • Contact Form
  • Callback requests form
  • Newsletter subscription form
Essential Interactions for WordPress
Advanced Strategies for WordPress

Advanced mode

Already have a strategy in place? Switch to advanced mode and let Synergy press import your strategy and all of its interactions in just a few seconds.

Plugin Docs

Displaying Interactions

Trigger interactions with class names.

Add the corresponding class name of an interaction to the element of your choice and let your strategy handle the rest.

Plugin Docs
Trigger and display interactions on WordPress
Localizing interaction on WordPress

Localizing interaction

A Great Peace of Mind

If encountering connection difficulties with the Form Synergy service, this plugin will switch gears and function within WordPress resources by localizing interactions and minimizing potential disconnects.

Integrated data management

Track, collaborate and post comments, while you move cards forward through their undergoing stages and keep track of any activity with Lead Board

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Integrated data management With LeadBoard
Easy plugin setup

Easy Setup

The plugin guides you through any requirements for a successful and complete implementation.