Download LeadBoard Installer

LeadBoard is available for a verity of operating systems such as Window (.exe), macOS (.dmg), Linux (.AppImage)

Web Accessible

LeadBoard is accessible by internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari…

Streamline and organize

Concentrate and streamlines ergonomic data management across domains and objectives in one place.

Manageable cards

The first step is to convert the information collected from visitors into manageable cards.

Create a process

Strategically process your data through customizable stages to fit the purpose and intent.

Purpose and intent

Process Information collected from visitors by moving cards forward through their undergoing stages to fit any purpose or intent.

Team collaboration

Oversee and collaborate with your team by enabling access and permissions to a specific board.

Instant synchronization

LedBoard will instantly synchronize and display the latest information across your network of collaborators without disrupting undergoing edits.

Comment interactively

Any posted comments will instantly synchronize and appear across boards, users, and collaborators.

Track activities

Our instant activity tracker will instantly display any updates performed across your network of collaborators and keep you informed of any activities across your boards.

Alerts and notifications

Don’t miss out on time-sensitive inquiries. Desktop notifications will alert you with as pertinent information becomes available.