Identify Opportunities

We've created an API that identify opportunities by resolving compound events and complex patterns.

What’s an opportunity?

An opportunity presents itself when the combination of rules applied on one or multiple elements are met in order to communicate and collect information using relevant information.

Identifying opportunities

During a visit, while navigating through a website or web app, visitors constantly interact with the browser, leaving a trail of events. Within this trail of events lies many opportunities!

Identify Opportunities 1

1 Working with events

One of the most important steps in this process, is to capture events and their surrounding variables.

Binding events

2 Resolving behaviors and complex patterns

We can understand the intent of a user by combining multiple events, analyze and compare their results against the trail of events in order to resolve behaviors and complex patterns.

As complicated as this sounds, this process can be simplified by creating an event method.

Creating event methods

3 Binding event methods

Once a matching pattern is detected, the binding method will instantly initiate the engagement process.

Binding event methods