Synergy Press WP Plugin Docs

SynergyPress WordPress Plugin Documentation

Installing SynergyPress WP Plugin

For the time being SynergyPress can be installed by following these instructions.

  1. Download the plugin, and save it on your local machine. download
  2. Sign in to your WordPress administration and click on the plugins page.
  3. Click on add new.
  4. Next click on the upload plugin.
  5. Click on choose file and select the plugin, and install now.

Once SynergyPress becomes available through the WordPress plugins directory, you may use the following instructions instead.

  1. Search for SynergyPress
  2. Click on the install now button.
  3. Finally, activate the plugin.

Congratulations! The SynergyPress plugin should be installed by now, and a new tab “SynergyPress” should appear in the sidebar. Click on the SynergyPress tab to get started.

The plugin options page will default the dashboard tab. Furthermore, the dashboard will display all necessary fields, options, and their status.

API Configuration

This plugin relies on Form Synergy and it’s API’s, to request and display interactions on your WordPress site.

That being said, a trusted connection with Form Synergy is crucial and must be established in order to proceed to the next step.

  1. Please sign in to the Form Synergy Console, If you haven’t registered for an account yet, it’s free and no strings attached! Console
  2. Once you gain access to the console, please proceed to the profile tab and copy the profile ID into the appropriate input under the API configuration tab.
  3. Next, proceed to the API access tab and repeat the same process for the API key and Secret key.
  4. If you already have the Site ID, repeat the same process, if not you can skip this step.
  5. Click on the update button.

Site Configuration

  1. Complete the form with the appropriate information, you may skip the offset interactions at this time.
  2. Click on the update button.


Under the packages tab, the first option will allow you to enable, or disable advanced mode.

Advanced Mode: When the advanced mode is enabled, SynergyPress will automatically download all interaction modules created under a strategy.

Default Mode: Alternatively, when the advanced mode is disabled, you will need to create your first strategy, install the necessary modules, and complete each objective.

Localizing Interactions

This option will download and store the interaction objects locally as a fallback method.

For instance, If connection difficulties are encountered with the Form Synergy service, SynergyPress will switch gears and function within WordPress resources in order to minimize potential disconnects with visitors.

NOTE: This feature depends on wp_mail

Implementing interactions

A simple rule of thumb, interactions are displayed once they are triggered, and a chain of connected interactions will display the initial interaction once it is triggered. SynergyPress will generate a unique class name in reference to each interaction that can be used as a trigger.

Simply add the provided class name to the element of choice.


An objective handles the delivery of collected information. By selecting one of the following methods.

  • LeadBoard only
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Webhook

Default Mode: Setting up objectives under the SynergyPress plugin is fairly simple and straight forward.

Advanced Mode: When SynergyPress is running in advanced mode, managing objectives can be accomplished through the Form Synergy Console and API.