Achieve Objectives

Achieve Objectives

Apply business logic, and get notified of any achievements.

The importance of an objective

An objective will trigger a notification when certain rules are met.


Notification are triggered using the following methods.

  • Specifying a form tag or module
  • Applying business logic

Specifying a form tag

When adding form inputs to a module, simply create a form tag. The same form tag can be used in multiple forms.

Once information is submitted through interactions, the presence of a specified form tag will instantly trigger a notification. Eg: Contact-Form

Specifying a module

If the information submitted through interactions while utilizing a specified module, will instantly trigger a notification.

Business Logic

Unlike most web forms and similar services, our platform provides continuous real time interactions, resulting in multiple objects of data!

We can elaborate and apply certain requirements on each object. A notification will be triggered once the combination of multiple objects have reached their requirements.

Notification methods

Our platform provides multiple notification methods such as email, text messages, web hooks, and desktop notifications.


Track, collaborate, communicate and post comments, while you move cards forward through their undergoing stages and keep track of any activity.