Persuasive and Effective Strategies - Form Synergy

Persuasive and Effective Strategies

Identify and meet each opportunity with an appropriate call to action, and let your strategy interact with visitors in order to further conversions and intervene when it matters the most.

Streamlined and Organized

Streamline and organize any information collected by visitors to meet your objective requirements with customizable business logic.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Customize notifications to fit your needs. Get notified by text messages, webhooks, or by email with multi-format support.

Streamlined and organized
Intervene and interact with live visitors and act on your behalf.

Dynamic PHP Web API

A must-have in your developer toolbox.

Implement and manage strategies for one or multiple websites efficiently and effectively over HTTP with a dynamic PHP web API.


Form Synergy plugin for WordPress

Install essential interactions such as a contact form, newsletter subscription, callback request, and a delayed interaction in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, check the advanced feature to import a strategy along with its modules and objectives.

SynergPress Plugin for WordPress